Dear Colleagues,

Zbigniew Bartuzi

I am pleased to inform you that the XIII International Congress of the Polish Society of Allergology will be held at the Hotel Golebiewski in Mikolajki, 26-29 September 2018.

PTA Congress is one of the largest medical conferences in our country and one of the largest allergy meetings in Europe. Here allergists are in touch with the best knowledge of the progress in the diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases. The PTA Congress is also a moment of change in authorities of our Society - after three years the new President starts his term, and President-elect is elected.

PTA congresses have become not only scientific or organizational events, but they also show the strength of Polish allergy. In today's dynamic world, the stability and unity of our Society is crucial. From the very beginning of its existence, Polish allergology, thanks to the efforts of its great creators and the Presidents of the Society, is one of the most active and medial specializations. I trust that due to the efforts of young Polish physicians the role and importance of allergy will increase.

I believe that the next Congress will become an event as significant as in past. Both Congress Committees - Scientific and Organizational - will provide a scientific program to meet your expectations as much as possible. The best lecturers from Poland and abroad, people with great knowledge and didactic talents participate in the Congress. Additionally, we also count on active participation of the young generation of allergists who will ensure the continued dynamic development of medicine in the next years.

I strongly encourage you to active participation in the XIII International Congress of the Polish Society of Allergology. I am sure that every participant in this event will satisfy the hunger for allergy knowledge, and time will pass in a friendly atmosphere of scientific discussion at the highest level, surrounded by the beauty of Polish nature.

Prof. dr hab. Zbigniew Bartuzi
Polish Society of Allergology