Dear Friends,

Zbigniew Bartuzi

It is my great pleasure to invite you to participate in the XIII International Congress of the Polish Society of Allergology, which will take place at Hotel Golebiewski in Mikolajki, 26-29 September 2018.

The motto of the most important meeting of Polish allergologists is "Allergy and Environment". We are starting to pay more attention to how we live, what we eat and how we spend time. Medicine looks inside a man, but also wants to see what is outside. We are slowly returning to what Hipocrates said about doctor's work: "Health requires a balance between the influence of the environment, the way of life and the various elements of human nature."

Our Congress would like to focus on this issue - how does our modern environment affect the development of allergy in a single person, and how in the whole population? What environment protects against allergy and what is the risk of allergic diseases? Where can an allergy patient stay without feeling discomfort and where his symptoms are much more harmful? Does the the place of work affect the development of allergy? These questions and more are looking for answers. Our patients expect not only proper pharmacological therapy, but also daily counseling - each of us in our medical practice meets with questions about a small allergy patient's room, the need to change work or contact with pets.

Naturally, the Congress of the Polish Society of Allergology will be an event dedicated to all fields of allergy - so there will be time for pediatric, dermatological, ophthalmic, laryngological or problems for family doctors and allergy nurses. The great advantage of PTA congresses is the wide spectrum of topics discussed and I can assure you that the participants of this event will not be disappointed. I encourage you to visit the PTA websites, where we will soon publish information about our meeting.

I warmly invite everyone to participate in the PTA Congress in Mikolajki - can you imagine a better place to talk and discuss the impact of the environment on allergies than the Masurian lakes and forests?

Prof. Marek Kulus
Polish Society of Allergology